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Text-based emoticons for Angel. O-) Direction: Horizontal (tilted 90° to the left) Shortcut: ICQ Instant MessengerFree Angel Smileys and Emoticons. Free Animated Angel Smileys. Angel Facebook Smileys. Angel MSN Smileys. Angel Forum Smileys and Emoticons. Angel Chat Smileys.Angel. For every little devil out there, there is an angel too. Here is the angel emoticon to go with the devil one for facebook chat.Angel. This is an emoticon of a peaceful and beautiful angel who is looking at you with a smile on her face.Angel Emoticon Information. This page contains 13 text-based emoticons for “Angel.” ASCII text emoticons (which use only basic characters, such as letters, numbers Feeling perfectly pure and angelic today? Tell your Facebook friends you’re beyond corruption and how supremely good you are with this cute angel emoticon.Edit Article wiki How to Make Emoticons on Facebook. Three Methods: List of Emoticons Learning the Emoticons Using Emoticons on Facebook Community Q&ABrowse Emoticon Angel pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on PhotobucketShop outside the big box, with unique items for emoji angel from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy.What is the full list of emoticons? Feeling ? Or having a moment? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Use Skype emoticons to liven up your instant message

An emoticon is a short sequence of keyboard letters and symbols, usually emulating a facial expression, that complements a text message. Alternatively referred to as a smiley face, smiles, wink, or winky, an emoticon is a way of showing an emotion on the Internet and text-based communication such as e-mail, chat, and SMS. Emoticons are letters or symbols used on the keyboard that represent how you’re feeling, for example, 🙂 when your head is turned to the left represents a smiley. The smiley face is often credited as being first suggested by Professor Scott Fahlman on a bulletin board September 19, 1982

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In Japan, users have worked out emoticons (text-based “smiley faces”) adapted to their culture. According to The New York Times on August 12 1996, the Japanese use emoticons even more than Westerners. Because their PC keyboards handle the two-byte characters of Kanji, users can choose between single- and double-byte versions of certain characters such as underscore characters, allowing a further degree of expression.

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What is the difference between emoticons and emojis?

– emoji are a potentially limitless set of pictorial symbols used for various purposes, including but not limited to expressing emotions, substituting for words, and so on.

– emoticons come in two flavours: text and image. Text emoticons are the original version. Images are a more recent version, and most text emoticons have a pictorial version. Image emoticons are de facto emoji. Specifically, they are the subset of emoji used for expressing emotions. Text emoticons may thus be considered precursors of emoji, which have nonetheless developed in their own way and remain relevant.

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